Saturday, April 19, 2014

[19/04/2014] 5000 SUBSCRIBERS!, Changed Facebook Page Name, New Bad Piggies MOD, Boxing Glove Glitch!

Hello guys! It is me again Smankusors :p

My channel now reachs 5K subscribers! Thank you guys! I think I got to upload a video again. Well.... I want to make the gameplay video for the games below :
- Motte Island [STEAM]
- Left 4 Dead 2 [STEAM]
- Loadout [STEAM]
But I got no idea what I want to make.... Maybe coming soon on the future :p

Okay I created the new modification for the Bad Piggies. This will make your gameplay more FULLSCREEN!

But with control buttons removed, I have difficult when controlling the vehicle. But........ I'm very sorry that I'm cannot share this mod. I'm misread with Rovio's EULA that I cannot modify the assets commercially and not commercially. But maybe I will feature this mod on the next ePIGsodes :v

Never mind about the mods, I found that Boxing Glove glitch is still working!!! But only working on Tesla contraption. Previously when Rovio introduces this item, it can break the parts without need to stick with the vehicle. Like my previous video here :

But this glitch has been fixed by Rovio on Bad Piggies 1.4 and newer versions. And the remaining glitch is just the "Tesla", where the game thinks that the engine still connected but the reality it is disconnected! And the vehicle become very fast! Like my video here :

The video above is the Fastest Plane using Tesla glitch and Boxing Glove glitch. Well I hope this glitch can persist on the newer version. Because most of the game glitches is fun anyway :p

And last, I changed the Facebook page name from "ePIGsodes" to "Smankusors Gaming". Because I'm not just posting the ePIGsodes stuff, but other my videos stuff too, including this blog. Well I hope you not confuse with this changes :p
Here is the new link to my Facebook page :

Well, that is for today. Thanks for reading, and also 5K subscribers! :p