Sunday, November 9, 2014

[09/11/2014] My Newest Video Uploaded, About My New Laptop, Switched the Recorder and the Editor, Windows 10

Hello guys! Well it is long time since I posting this blog :v
I already uploaded the newest video! It is KING PIG MISSILE. Watch it below :

Monday, August 18, 2014

[16/8/2014] No updates for long time, Expanded FoD sandbox, the next ePIGsode

My english still not perfect yet, so I'm sorry if you can't understand some of I write below... :p

Yeah this is has been 3 months since I uploaded the video on YouTube. If you read my previous blog, yeah it is graphics card failure and I need to replace my laptop. My temporary laptop now is VAIO VGN-CR220Q, it is my sister's old laptop. And I don't get what I want because this laptop specs is crappy, Intel Centrino Duo @2GHz, 2 GB RAM, Intel GMA965.

I switched from Camtasia to OBS, but OBS needs DirectX 10 and my sister's old laptop is not supported, goddamnit -_-. Why I'm switched? Because sometimes Camtasia makes game laggy when recording,

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

[25/6/2014] My Laptop Has Been Failed!, 1 Miilion Views!, GMOD

Hello guys! Sorry for no updates for a month again :(

There is the bad news, 5 days ago, my VAIO laptop, looks like it got graphics failure and need the replacement of the motherboard. :'(
This laptop is almost 4 years old and now it's got big problem, omg :(
I need more time until I bought the new laptop. :/
My next laptop brand looks like will be Asus :p

The good news is... My Plane Destroyer video got 1 million views!! Thank you very much guys! :D

The neutral news is... The GMOD or Garry's Mod, now is my favorite sandbox game and I'm already bought it on the Steam Summer Sale! Well this is because Vanoss posting GMOD videos and looks like it was fun! I will make a GMOD videos :p
Don't worry, I'm still making a Bad Piggies videos.... I just need a good idea to do it. :S

Okay, that's for now. Peace :D

Saturday, April 19, 2014

[19/04/2014] 5000 SUBSCRIBERS!, Changed Facebook Page Name, New Bad Piggies MOD, Boxing Glove Glitch!

Hello guys! It is me again Smankusors :p

My channel now reachs 5K subscribers! Thank you guys! I think I got to upload a video again. Well.... I want to make the gameplay video for the games below :
- Motte Island [STEAM]
- Left 4 Dead 2 [STEAM]
- Loadout [STEAM]
But I got no idea what I want to make.... Maybe coming soon on the future :p

Okay I created the new modification for the Bad Piggies. This will make your gameplay more FULLSCREEN!

Friday, February 21, 2014

[21/02/2014] Bad Piggies Mods, upcoming videos, new Windows update, my new software

Hello guys! It is me, Smankusors :D

Well, if there is any incorrect sentence, grammar, I'm sorry, I'm not a native English :v

So I'm currently busy because works of my school, too much tests and homeworks :(
But I will create the next video, as soon as possible, if I'm not lazy :v