Monday, August 18, 2014

[16/8/2014] No updates for long time, Expanded FoD sandbox, the next ePIGsode

My english still not perfect yet, so I'm sorry if you can't understand some of I write below... :p

Yeah this is has been 3 months since I uploaded the video on YouTube. If you read my previous blog, yeah it is graphics card failure and I need to replace my laptop. My temporary laptop now is VAIO VGN-CR220Q, it is my sister's old laptop. And I don't get what I want because this laptop specs is crappy, Intel Centrino Duo @2GHz, 2 GB RAM, Intel GMA965.

I switched from Camtasia to OBS, but OBS needs DirectX 10 and my sister's old laptop is not supported, goddamnit -_-. Why I'm switched? Because sometimes Camtasia makes game laggy when recording,