Sunday, July 19, 2015

[19/07/2015] Delivery Plane, upcoming GMOD video, upcoming Windows 10

Almost a year I don't updating my blog, lol
Too many sorryies (uh how to spell this?!) for no updates for the long time :v

Yeah I just uploaded the new video, I hope you liked it :p

I don't mean this video needs 5 months to be done, just because Rovio discontinued the PC... I lost the motivation to upload more Bad Piggies videos :c
Looks like it happens on my friend, evilcatpillow (Pigineering) too. I see her not uploading any more videos again... 

Yeah that is the brand new Windows 10 Insider :p, not the latest though, I don't have any free spaces to update xD. Anyway... If you see the video from start until the end, you will see the GMOD version from the Bad Piggies 1st Anniversary video. Yeah I'm gonna remake it :D

Stay tuned :p

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