Sunday, November 9, 2014

[09/11/2014] My Newest Video Uploaded, About My New Laptop, Switched the Recorder and the Editor, Windows 10

Hello guys! Well it is long time since I posting this blog :v
I already uploaded the newest video! It is KING PIG MISSILE. Watch it below :

Also I would like to thank you guys for watching my videos! 2 months ago, I bought a new laptop, it is ASUS X450JF! The price is almost same with my previous laptop, SONY VAIO VPCEA35FG. With the specification that I think it is over my mind. It has Intel i7 4700HQ, Nvidia 745M, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD. Compared with my previous laptop : Intel i3 370M, ATI Radeon HD5470, 4 GB RAM, 320 GB HDD. It is really really too much for me :v
Looks like I can play Watch_Dogs and GTA V with this laptop, at least lowest graphics :p

This high (not high-end) spec laptop really powerful, i tried to reecord Bad Piggies at 120 fps and the results is smooth o.O. Unfortunately it is lagging while I tried to play with hundreds of piggies XD

Wait, you're asking about Bad Piggies mods? Uh well, the count still 98927 times. :p
I will share to you guys, but not now, I have not prepared it :(

I'm also switched from Camtasia to OBS. Why? Camtasia is hogging the system while recording, and the exported video is worse than the preview video while editing. OBS, or Open Brodcaster Software, is a software that designed for live streaming. I might trying the live streaming, but because my internet connection is slow, I think not. When I play GMOD, OBS records better than Camtasia. That's it, OBS better than Camtasia.

I also switched to Premiere, yeah it is Adobe Premiere CC 2014.1. It is more powerful than Camtasia. And exports better than Camtasia. I already tweaked the Camtasia, but I don't get the better result. I tried this 4 months ago, maybe it is better than previously? Please tell me :)

You may heard that Microsoft skipping Windows 9 and the next Windows will be Windows 10. Yeah I already tried it, but not good for intros. Because the current build 9860 still doesn't have Start Menu animation. Maybe I will use it, if start menu have a better animation :p

Anyway, that's all. Thanks for reading my post! :D