Thursday, June 30, 2016

[30/06/2016] An update for nearly a year with no update, Why I didn't upload a video for nearly a year

Ouh... Well... Yeah... I'm such of lazy that didn't upload a video for nearly a year. Anyway I uploaded one now :D

Contents of the video :
00:02 - Egg Launcher
00:30 - Car that can fly, explode, and jump
01:10 - [Mini ePIGsode] Somepiggy trapped inside metal box
01:47 - Helicopter striker (yeah it is failed lol)
02:17 - [Mini ePIGsode] King Pig's suprise
02:59 - [Mini ePIGsode] King Pig punches the Thief down
03:26 - (One of the) slowest vehicle in Bad Piggies
04:36 - Sticky helicopter with big missile
05:38 - [Mini ePIGsode] Piggy catching egg flee from him
08:02 - Bigger nuke
09:12 - Bonus fail clip

Anyway I think there is the problem on "[Mini ePIGsode] King Pig's suprise" because the requester said that he want the fireworks, well I replaced it with the grappling hook. I just realized I was wrong when this video already half uploaded. Unfortunately I can't reproduce it with "6 hits of TNT" (that was lucky hit tho). I'm sorry if I was wrong ;_;

About I didn't uploaded for nearly a year, exactly I'm planned to upload my GMOD video first before more Bad Piggies. I already put the sneak peak on the ending of this video. It looks like it is so small that nobody ever noticed it. Then I lost my intention making that GMOD video. Because nobody support me to make that video (by commenting you noticed that), and I nearly haven't upload for nearly a year. So I decided to abandon/skip that project, and back to the Bad Piggies again.

Wuut? After watching that sneak peak, you don't have any idea about that GMOD video? .... Fine! Click this link, hopefully you know what it is about.
Btw, the piggies model that I found, is not good enough to make this video, well if Rovio can provide me the model, but probably it will not happen.

EDIT : Rovio claiming the music again on my video, but I already edited and reuploaded it again

Anyway, have a nice day, see you in the next video :)


  1. give me a download of bad piggies 2.0.0 plz

  2. Here

  3. Question, How did you get that much items cause I really want to have some fun with 200 tnt

  4. Owh okay, i really like your videos though. By the way, my stomach is hurt because laughing after watching your last videos XD. Awesome Vids! And greetings! I am from Indonesia :P

  5. How you installed mod on android?
    If youbdid an update, please upload it. Ill figure out how to install it.

  6. How did you get many items in Bad Piggies please give me a link!😊😊😊😊😊😊

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  8. Wait how do you get 2 wooden wheels?

    1. for field of dreams sandbox to create fun (only persons will allow the gameplay and fun video for only recordings)

  9. i download it but theres no download mod

  10. smankusors theres new update in bad piggies its...... ilien machine and ilien items and git it now for free eeeeeeeee ]:)