Monday, August 18, 2014

[16/8/2014] No updates for long time, Expanded FoD sandbox, the next ePIGsode

My english still not perfect yet, so I'm sorry if you can't understand some of I write below... :p

Yeah this is has been 3 months since I uploaded the video on YouTube. If you read my previous blog, yeah it is graphics card failure and I need to replace my laptop. My temporary laptop now is VAIO VGN-CR220Q, it is my sister's old laptop. And I don't get what I want because this laptop specs is crappy, Intel Centrino Duo @2GHz, 2 GB RAM, Intel GMA965.

I switched from Camtasia to OBS, but OBS needs DirectX 10 and my sister's old laptop is not supported, goddamnit -_-. Why I'm switched? Because sometimes Camtasia makes game laggy when recording,
while OBS record smooth as I want, with some tweaks settings for local recording. I think OBS better than Camtasia, for screen recording. But the only best on Camtasia I think is his video editor, Camtasia Studio.

I still have not bought a laptop, so confused choosing what I should buy. Desktop or laptop? Desktop is much cheaper, but I want to play Garry's Mod with my friends, I mean local multiplayer. So I choosen to buy a laptop, a powerful enough for screen recoding and playing games. But again, confused to choose the brands, ASUS or Lenovo? Please help me choosing, guys :'(

Anyway... My current laptop now, still powerful enough to play Bad Piggies. So I still trying to modding the game, recording the new ePIGsodes (I recording on my sister laptop, Toshiba, very very powerful I think, Core i7 3rd generation, Nvidia GT540M, 8 GB RAM, etc.). So this is the newest mod I created on this game. BIGGER SANDBOX, MORE CAKES, MORE ITEMS!

Where is My King?
The screenshots above also using the Full Gameplay mod, I successfully remove the fonts. But I need my mouselogger and clicker to play it (the buttons is hidden!)

Share this mod? Well..... I'm waiting for another Bad Piggies update, this mod is not guaranteed will work on any version, new version means new mods. This is too boring if there is no updates again, for over half year :v
HINT : I'm using Unity Asset Extractor to modding, google it :p
So I will share this mod... When :
When my software (Check Bad Piggies PC Update) reached over 100.000 times, or when my software reached over 100 MB of data usage. The estimated time around 30 days, if I turned on my laptop for 12 hours/day. By the way, if you want my newest version of this program, [click here]

The next ePIGsodes will be the alternate ending of King Pig Adventure! Yeah as you want, you want me to continue this :v. I will as soon as possible make it as I bought a new laptop :/.

Ssstt!!! If you cannot wait my latest mod for Bad Piggies, well.... I have been included the link to download. Somewhere... In this page.... FIND IT GUYS! :D


  1. Mr. Anthony pwede ka bang gumawa ng Scorcher?

  2. Or if u don't understand Filipino then try this one make an Epigsode that's completely/similarly different from Pigineering's P.I.A.F. missions.

  3. Hey , in the .Net framework version of what you use
    because my Net Framework isn't work of your version

    1. For what? :/
      You don't need it, it is useless now
      The PC version already discontinued

  4. come on make a video nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  5. Is there an apk or Mac download 4 this epic mod???

  6. Found the link!
    Line 1011:

  7. Hey, how do you get bad piggies on pc? and how do i install mod?

  8. Android: Search only "bad piggies modded apk"
    PC:Same as Android but you need to unzip it

  9. how do you get the og bad piggies