Wednesday, June 25, 2014

[25/6/2014] My Laptop Has Been Failed!, 1 Miilion Views!, GMOD

Hello guys! Sorry for no updates for a month again :(

There is the bad news, 5 days ago, my VAIO laptop, looks like it got graphics failure and need the replacement of the motherboard. :'(
This laptop is almost 4 years old and now it's got big problem, omg :(
I need more time until I bought the new laptop. :/
My next laptop brand looks like will be Asus :p

The good news is... My Plane Destroyer video got 1 million views!! Thank you very much guys! :D

The neutral news is... The GMOD or Garry's Mod, now is my favorite sandbox game and I'm already bought it on the Steam Summer Sale! Well this is because Vanoss posting GMOD videos and looks like it was fun! I will make a GMOD videos :p
Don't worry, I'm still making a Bad Piggies videos.... I just need a good idea to do it. :S

Okay, that's for now. Peace :D


  1. Bad Piggies mod link??

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