Bad Piggies Mod List

These list only for PC version only!

Bad Piggies v1.3
25/08/2017 :
- Monster Truck Mod [INFO]

Bad Piggies v1.5 - [DOWNLOAD]

18/08/2014 :
- More Cakes, More Items, Bigger Sandbox!*

*it is not finishied yet. But cool enough with more items and bigger sandbox on Field of Dreams :D

How to Install :
1. Download the zip file
2. That zip file you downloaded contains "resources.assets" file
3. I recommended you to backup first, go to your Bad Piggies program files. For example on Windows 64-bit is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Rovio Entertainment Ltd\Bad Piggies" (Your installation path may be different)
4. Open the BadPiggies_Data, and then rename the resources.assets to resources.assets.bak
5. After that, you copy the resources.assets from the archive file you downloaded to this folder
6. Try to run the game and try it :D
7. Have fun

In case if you want to back to the original :
1. just delete the resources.assets
2. rename the resources.assets.bak to resources.assets


  1. Can I do this to Android??? And how

  2. I need an Android version of the 1.5.0 mod. I already made an android version of the 1.3.0 mod.

  3. Please note that Bad Piggies Monster Truck mod is only for 1.3.0 because on newer version it has been removed :/

  4. If you want, I could give you my custom bad piggies 1.3.0 monster truck apk.

    1. I made with the monster truck mod, apk editor pro and this apk: (please note that there is no 1.3.0 apk for Bad Piggies HD)

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